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Real-world problems and mistrust of the historically conservative financial industry adds financial stress. This prevents many LGBTQ+ individuals from getting the right services in financial planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and investment services they need to create a secure financial future.  

As an LGBTQ financial advisor, I take pride in embracing my LGBTQ+ identity. I have been providing advocacy-oriented services to the gay and lesbian community in South Florida for over 30 years.

At Treece Financial Group, we've created a diverse team. We are dedicated to ensuring every client who visits our office feels welcome, valued, and comfortable.

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There are unique financial planning issues related to a person’s identity and life experiences that need to be understood, respected, and factored into the financial planning discussion.

He/she/they may have had firsthand experience in confronting conservative biases or dismissive attitudes through their personal lives, interactions with colleagues, or while advocating on behalf of their clients with attorneys, insurance companies, or healthcare professionals.

As an LGBTQ-oriented advisor, I have proven experience in:

  • Helping other gay and lesbian individuals, couples, and families successfully plan for long-term financial security.
  • Partnering with allied resources (attorneys, aging experts, caregivers, etc.) who provide welcoming and inclusive services.
  • Advocating in your best interest to overcome difficult financial planning or healthcare challenges.
  • Having similar values to understand your needs and concerns.

      I have long-term relationships with LGBTQ-identified and -allied referral partners. I have experienced fighting for LGBTQ+ clients in difficult family estate situations and senior housing. I have witnessed caregiving discrimination, and Social Security survivor benefits for same-sex couples.

      My main focus is helping LGBTQ+ folks as they age, especially those who are alone without a strong support network. I specialize in managing their complex financial and healthcare needs. Having a trusted advocate by your side can make a life-changing difference at times when individuals feel vulnerable and alone. Especially when it deals with changes in health or living situations.

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      Harvest the power of your LGBTQ+ dollars

      With an estimated 3 million LGBTQ+ adults over age 50 (with the number expected to grow to around 7 million by 2030) living in the US, isolation and discrimination is on the rise for many single, aging LGBTQ+ folk. Within gay male cultures, youth is emphasized more which often disregards aging concerns, leaving some older community members isolated, marginalized, and...
      At Treece Financial Group, we proudly say transgender. And gay. And bi. And queer. And straight. And questioning. And… wait, what? It's not enough to say, “I treat everybody the same” because everyone is NOT the same. We deliberately speak and embrace these identities because they demonstrate inclusion and respect for a community that has long faced discrimination—a community that...
      Although LGBTQ+ seniors are seeing improvements in acceptance and assistance in today’s society, they suffered much discrimination in their young and middle adult years. Today’s older adults lived in an era that was far less tolerant of their sexuality. They had to deal with social stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and physical and verbal harassment. For this generation, fear of loss of...
      Often I find there's a lack of education about marriage rights for LGBTQ+ people. And they think things that are not true, because marriage is still pretty new for many same-sex couples. They are still learning about things like spousal IRAs and the over 1,000 federal benefits that come with marriage. In addition to better understanding how marriage affects financial...