We care for all aspects of your financial well-being, not just managing your investments

Our goal is to simplify and streamline your efforts toward financial security so you and your loved ones can retire and live with confidence.

Our values-based planning approach is well beyond what many larger banks and financial service institutions are able and willing to provide.

We have a fiduciary duty to you to always put your interests first with a duty of loyalty and utmost care. Many financial advisors do not have this fiduciary duty and have a lower “suitability” standard.

We are dually-licensed, which means that we are supervised by both our broker-dealer, Cetera Advisors, and by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the financial regulatory authority. (Many investment advisors choose not to affiliate with a broker-dealer and have less direct supervision and are generally responsible for their own compliance).





"I've never met a financial planner like David Treece. He really cares about people, and his clients are treated like family. It's scary when parents get old and doing the right thing doesn't come easy.

But at TreeceFi, I was made to feel like everything would be taken care of, and it was. They knew the best people to call for everything like healthcare, assisted living, and long-term care that didn't break the bank."*

—Martha S.


*This testimonial and/or endorsement was given by a client of the financial advisor and no compensation was provided directly or indirectly. This testimonial and/or endorsement is not a guarantee of future performance or investment success, and the testimonial and/or endorsement may not be representative of the experience of other customers.