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Savvy Investment Strategies

We take a no-stress, step-by-step approach to ensure you are comfortable, secure, and confident in making the best financial decisions.

Open and honest conversations help us understand your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and determine your tolerance for risk. These are the key elements to creating a financial plan that points you in the right direction—onward and upward.

“David and his staff have been the most supportive people I could hope for. They are always available to answer questions and have been supportive during economic downturns. They truly have my interests at heart.”

— Brian K.*



Portfolio Management

By carefully analyzing your assets and liabilities we can provide the most effective risk-return portfolio.


We specialize in diversifying investment amounts lower than many other advisors will do and provide you with consolidated reporting so you can easily see the big picture.

Risk Management

Our focused listening and life stage planning strategies are designed to fit your personal risk tolerance. 

Second Opinion

We are happy to review your existing portfolio and share our opinion. Beyond a simple financial plan, we aim to holistically address your entire financial well-being—something your current advisor may not provide.


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