We help you age confidently and in control

Feeling vulnerable due to changes
in your health or living situation?

We’re here for you. Having trusted advocates
on your side makes a life-changing difference.

TreeceFi finds solutions to your senior living concerns

  • We work with experts to make aging-in-place convenient for your current home

  • We provide guidance on downsizing to independent living, assisted living communities, or a nursing home

  • We identify the best caregiving services and medical care

  • We coordinate resources to manage dementia and other health issues

  • We set up emergency document retrieval and protecting online security

  • We advise on long-term care coverage options

  • We serve as a trusted guardian with legal accountability to your expressed wishes

  • We assist with end-of-life wishes and after-death planning


Who will take care of me when I am older and alone?

Our team is dedicated to assisting independent seniors without a strong support network. We are determined to find a solution to navigate later-in-life financial planning, healthcare, caregiving, and senior living issues.

What do I need to know about long-term care?

Setting you up with a lifetime income plan is our first priority. In addition to analyzing your retirement income sources, we review your healthcare, insurance, tax, legal document, accounting, and housing needs. 

What services are available to me?

Unlike many financial planners, Treece Financial Group has a high level of experience and capability in dealing with elder care issues. We also work closely with your identified family members and friends that you wish to be included in your support network.


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