We take care of your money but care about you more.

You don’t hear the word “compassion” used to describe the financial industry very often.

There is a wide gap in the financial services industry between people and profit. We, however, embrace our shared humanity, values, and compassion within every aspect of our work.

We invest in people, relationships, and professionalism before considering fees, commissions, and profits.

We started from scratch with just this mission in mind.


We welcome you without judgment.

Money matters are personal. There are a lot of emotional issues related to money: fear, shame, greed. Discussing financial decisions and goals with an advisor can seem like a scary process. You may be concerned about being judged by a professional that you don’t know well.

Team Treece always honors and respects your unique concerns, priorities, and life circumstances. We are a team with diverse backgrounds and identities who wholeheartedly welcome all.


We aim to become your advisor for life.

You’re a person, not a portfolio. What other way is there to build a trusted, lifelong relationship?

Understanding your financial concerns, goals, and what success looks like to you enables us to provide the right advice throughout every age and stage of your life.

We are beside you every step of the way. Especially during times when you may be vulnerable due to changes in health or living situations, having a trusted advisor on your side can make a life-changing difference.

Our close-knit team structure ensures that we can fulfill our promise that we will always be there for you.


We always do right by you.

We fearlessly advocate on your behalf to ensure you get what you deserve and that your decisions are respected and honored.

As an independent investment advisor representative, we have the autonomy and discretion to put you at the center of all investment strategies and business decisions without any conflicts of interest. No sales quotas. No restrictions on how we spend our time. No limits on working on your behalf.


We serve you, not the numbers.

We are fiduciaries first and have a legal and ethical responsibility to put your needs and interests ahead of our own.

In every interaction with our clients, our employees, and the wider community we demonstrate a duty of utmost care, a duty of integrity, a duty of honesty and full disclosure, a duty of loyalty, and a duty of good faith.

We often say that we wish our clients had the same level of financial accountability to themselves as we have to you!

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