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What if you run out of money before you die?

Most people don't prepare for the possibility if outliving their savings. TreeceFi specializes in creating retirement plans that ensure you have income for life.

Our extensive financial planning services also consider your health care expenses, Medicare, Social Security, insurance, long-term care costs, end-of-life, estate planning, and other unique aging needs. No robo advisor can match the level of customized planning our approach offers.

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Gain financial advocates

We pride ourselves on being the strongest financial advocates we can be for our clients. We'll go above and beyond to resolve any financial issue that may affect your stability or peace of mind. We'll make necessary calls, recommend experts, and ensure that we find a solution.

As independent investment advisor representatives, we have the autonomy to put your needs at the center of investment strategies and decisions without conflicts of interest. We are not beholden to proprietary financial products, so you can be assured that the 401K plans, brokerage account, mutual fund, asset classes, and asset allocation recommendations we make are in your best interest.

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Get reliable answers

With over 30 years of experience, we provide grounded advice without any jargon or industry lingo. Our goal is to create a pressure-free environment where you can have open and friendly conversations about your financial goals and concerns. You have the right to be fully informed and comfortable before making any financial decisions.

We are affiliated with Cetera Advisors LLC, one of the premier broker-dealers in the industry. Plus, Team Treece as a trusted referral network to assist with answering all of your accounting, legal, tax, aging, and other professional service concern.


Why is fiduciary responsibility important?

Fiduciary means to hold a confidence or trust. We are Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®) and are held to a fiduciary standard that requires a legal duty to act in the best interests of our clients with care, honesty, loyalty, and good faith.

David and Team Treece will always provide you with honest advice, even if it means telling you that you're spending too much, not saving enough, or taking Social Security too early. Our aim is to help you avoid unnecessary expenses, uncomfortable risks, and investment scams.

With this level of accountability, why would you work with a financial planner
who’s NOT a certified fiduciary?



We advice you every step of the way


No matter what your concerns are—our team works with you to make sure you feel comfortable and informed before ANY financial decisions are made. 

We follow a three-step process to ensure that we are the perfect fit for your needs.



We get to know you, your goals, time frames, risk tolerance, family situation, and anything else about you that helps us to help you. We may ask for copies of your account statements, tax returns, insurance coverage and more to get a clear picture of your current financial situation.

We provide you with a financial wellness report—a full analysis about things you have done well, areas of concern, and issues to look at further. Not many financial advisors offer this level of feedback when looking at your planning needs. We also create a retirement analyzer to provide a baseline and easily understandable snapshot to inform our discussion and confirm your goals and desires. 

We make specific recommendations for you to consider based on your reaction to the reports we give you. This may include making changes in your financial portfolio, doing income planning, making insurance

Stop worrying and start enjoying

The best compliment we get is when somebody leaves our office and says,

“When I came in, I was so concerned and

 didn't know what to think, but now I feel so much better.”


That’s how we want you to feel.

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Machines can master money tasks, but there's more to financial planning than selecting stocks. The monstrous growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming just about every industry and facet of our lives. Despite concerns about runaway technology, AI is doing some pretty cool stuff in the financial world. From automating trades to managing portfolios and sniffing out fraud it’s becoming...
Many individuals view financial planning as an extremely personal and private matter. Sharing sensitive details about your financial assets (or lack thereof), earnings, attitudes about money, life goals, dreams, and how you’ll leave your assets to loved ones with a professional you barely know may make many people uncomfortable or even embarrassed.