Who will take care of me when I am older and possibly alone?

How can I safely stay in my home?

If I have to move, who will help me, how do I do this, and where would I go?

What should I do about long-term care?

We are here to offer support as unique as you are!

At the forefront of Treece Financial Group's work is navigating the sometimes complex financial and healthcare needs of individuals who are aging alone, oftentimes alone without a strong support network.

At a time when many are vulnerable due to changes in health or living situations, having a trusted advocate on their side makes a life-changing difference.

Our team has developed a high level of experience and capability in dealing with elder care issues such as establishing caregiving services, long-term care, working with experts in identifying assisted living facilities, assisting with the physical move to a facility, retro-fitting housing to stay at home, planning for death, and dealing with dementia and other health-related issues. We work closely with spouses and family members taking into account aging and security concerns.

Do you - or someone you love - need aging support beyond traditional retirement planning?

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The Solo Ager: Aging. Together.

Single, divorced, widowed, never married, with children, without children, fiercely independent, unsure of your future, or master of your universe—this secure, online community exists to share the resources, inspiration, and connection you need to age in control and with peace of mind.

The Solo Ager builds upon Treece Financial Group’s mission to holistically address all aspects of a client’s financial well-being beyond just investments—including insurances, income planning, taxes, beneficiaries, emergency document retrieval, information security, estate planning, accounting, and issues related to health and wellness.

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