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Trick or Treece: Halloween Tales & Tips

Trick or Treece: Halloween Tales & Tips

| October 30, 2019
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As the little goblins take to the street for fright night treats, it's important to note that Halloween is not the only time to be alert for tricks. Children are at the highest risk for ID theft year round.

1) Child ID Theft: 8 Steps to Keep Children Safe

The latest target of identity thieves is not you, but rather children. With little to no financial history, minors make an unsuspecting and easily exploited target. According to a Child Identity Fraud Survey conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research, one in 40 households has had one child who has suffered from identity theft. In fact, children are affected by identity theft and fraud 35 times more frequently than adults.

What makes a nine-year-old’s identity so attractive? Children are not financially active, so this theft is likely to go unnoticed for years. The majority of parents and guardians do not request copies of their child’s credit report, so they don’t notice any fraudulent activity. Yet the damage done can affect a child well into his or her adult life.

Child ID Theft

2) Nightmare on Wall Street

Halloween is near. Be on alert for ghosts, vampires, and scary October market volatility.

It’s easy to be terrified by spine-chilling stock market headlines, and it doesn’t make it any easier when investors have been haunted by some of the scariest moments in market history in the month of October. In the spirit of Halloween (no pun intended),* we’ll share a few grim October market tales.

If you’re easily scared, we suggest that you skip to the next section—we don’t recommend reading these in the dark!

Thankfully, there are some reassuring treats that await. Nightmare on Wall Street

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