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Treece's #3onThursday: September 12, 2019

| September 12, 2019
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What's on my mind this week:

1. Yes, Trump's tweets DO move the markets according to a #BankofAmerica study. And #JPMorgan has created a #TrumpTweetIndex called the #volfefe after Trump's nonsensical #covfefe tweet. Yes, folks, this isn't a joke, and it really is this crazy. Read more

2. Can you name the world's top 5 economies by #GDP? Here's the whole world's $86 trillion dollar economy by country in one neat chart

3. #SocialSecurity myths can be dangerous to your financial well being — and even your ability to afford your retirement! From "Illegal immigrants collect Social Security" to "You’ll never get back what you put in", check out these persistent falsehoods that I wish would go away

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