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The Long & Short of 2020 Economic Forecasts

| January 16, 2020
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Treece's 3ForThursday! What's on my mind this week...

New Year's holiday celebrations are over and resolutions are in full swing, but everyone is still asking about 2020’s economic outlook. Here's an outlook on the long and short of what may lie ahead ...

1.  The Short of It: Volatility is expected to pick up

2.  The Long of It: The bottom line is that 6 out of 10 risk indicators signal a low risk of recession. The overall economic trend signal is stable.  

3. The SECURE Act: Just as this new law’s name suggests, it aims to improve retirement security for Americans. Beyond raising the required minimum distribution age from 70 ½ to 72 and allowing contributions to an IRA after age 72, the act includes many common-sense, long-overdue reforms that could make saving for retirement easier and more accessible. Learn more here. 

(Bonus points if you know what SECURE stands for!)

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