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Prepare for Smooth Sailing on the Good Ship "Longevity"

Prepare for Smooth Sailing on the Good Ship "Longevity"

| May 21, 2019
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 "My health is the #1 concern. Longevity is the #2 concern."
Alonzo Mourning

Longevity is a common concern that comes up during many long-term financial plan discussions.

As individuals envision what their later years may look like, they are often concerned with increased healthcare needs and their related costs, outliving financial resources, and becoming a burden on their loved ones.

These worries are compounded for "solo agers" who are without a reliable support network of family or friends.

Today, the average length of retirement living is close to 20 years. That's quite a long time to rely on retirement funds and Social Security.

And, with advances in healthcare and a societal focus on exercise and wellness extending seniors' active years, what does "normal aging" even look like today?

Treece Financial Group is here to help you navigate the possibilities that longevity brings and take the steps to make your retirement healthy and strong. This includes planning for major transitions like retirement, emergencies due to death or disability, end of life scenarios, cross-generational planning, analyzing “what if” scenarios, and so much more.

We look forward to helping you navigate a clear path to your senior years adventures. Download a copy of our "Retire Happy" guide to give you some insights as you envision what new adventures may unfold in your future. Then, give us a call to help put your plan into action.

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