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Let it Go. Let it In.

| August 09, 2019
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Is there one big thing you can let go of during "Simplify Your Life Week" to open up space in your life for another?

We’re all familiar with the concept of spring cleaning, a time to cleanse our closets and garages of the random objects that we no longer have any use for.

Well, in early August there is a whole week set aside for decluttering and cleansing. Beyond your physical environment, this is also an ideal time to "declutter your mind".

You may have something in your life holding you back from becoming your best self—a bad habit, a time management challenge, a toxic relationship, insecurity in taking the first step to learn a new skill or make a career change, or another challenge.

Fret no more, this week is your chance to boldly break away from those issues and build new foundations. It is also a great opportunity to take some time to focus on self-improvement and reduce excessive clutter in your mind to open it up to new opportunities.

Start by taking a deep breath and imagine what you can let go of to make space for good things to happen!

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