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Over the Rainbow Logo: How To Identify Companies That Are True LGBTQ+ Allies

Over the Rainbow Logo: How To Identify Companies That Are True LGBTQ+ Allies

| June 23, 2022
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Corporate logos and products bedazzled with the rainbow colors of Pride are everywhere this June—from websites to Burger King’s “Pride” burgers.

Beyond the rainbow logo — how exactly are these brands supporting the LGBTQ+ community? 

The act of businesses advertising themselves as LGBTQ+ allies when their real support for rainbow causes is a bit more gray

A company’s feel-good Pride marketing may mask policies of ongoing discrimination and funding of politicians who are passing bills that adversely affect its minority customers. Do you want to spend your money with companies like this?

Values and actions need to authentically align well beyond a Pride logo that appears for only one month of the year. How a company conducts business the other eleven months of the year demonstrates whether or not they are really walking the walk of diversity and inclusion.

How can you tell if a company is rainbow-washing

  • Are they supporting anti-LGBTQ legislators?

  • Are they failing to create inclusive workplaces?

  • Are they aligning with other companies that have proven support for minority communities?

  • Are they committed to creating an inclusive company, working with diverse partners, and supporting underrepresented operators?

Just as June’s LGBTQ+ Pride month has been co-opted by corporations for profit, some (including me) are concerned about how the recently-created federal holiday of Juneteenth could be “white-washed” by companies looking for a highly-visible but possibly not honest embrace of the celebration’s true meaning.

In the wake of recent anti-LGBTQ and racist legislation across the U.S., it’s more crucial than ever to take a deeper look at how companies go beyond window-dressing their brand and truly advocate for their minority customers. 

Here are tips and tools to help you identify truly-allied companies:

The bottom line is that you need someone in your corner who is going to be invested in making your future better in all aspects of your life. Do your research and don’t support companies who have discriminatory policies or who support candidates who are diametrically opposed to your best interests. 

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David Treece’s mission as a financial advisor is to empower his clients to put their money where their values are. As a financial fiduciary, he has a legal duty to provide advice and service that is in the best interests of his clients—including honoring their diversity and personal dignity. 

He wants you to have that same duty to yourself. Always ensure you are working with someone who is going to advocate for your best interests. 

Learn more about David and how his team at Treece Financial Group advocates for diversity and inclusion within the financial industry.

Ready to “gut-check” Treece Financial?

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