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Treece Financial

Treece Financial

Investment Advisor Representative

(305) 751-8855

David Treece, MBA, AIF®, CLTC®

Your needs are unique.
Our approach to financial advising is too.

Treece Financial Group is dedicated to getting to know you as an individual and not just as an “account.” Our team is focused solely around providing a personalized and clear path for you to pursue financial success. This relationship-building approach elevates our level of service well above what larger financial companies and banks can provide.

As an independent investment advisor representative, we have the autonomy and discretion to put you at the center of all investment strategies and business decisions without any conflicts of interest. This is different from many people in the financial services industry who are really little more than salespeople.

David Treece is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, which means he has a duty to always put a client’s interest first. Treece Financial Group follows a fiduciary process that includes a duty of utmost care, a duty of integrity, a duty of honesty and full disclosure, a duty of loyalty, and a duty of good faith.

We take a holistic approach to your financial well-being.

Our process involves listening to you in order to deepen our understanding of your investment timelines, financial goals, and values with the goal of offering beneficial feedback and consistently delivering innovative financial solutions.

We are committed to helping protect and promote the well-being of your entire financial portfolio, including investments, insurances, income planning, taxes, beneficiaries, emergency document retrieval, information security, estate planning, accounting, and issues related to health and wellness.

Our team has developed a high level of expertise and capability in dealing with elder care issues such as establishing caregiving services, long-term care, working with experts in identifying assisted living facilities, assisting with the physical move to a facility, retro-fitting housing to stay at home, planning for death, and dealing with dementia and other health-related issues. We work closely with spouses and family members taking into account aging and security concerns.

For individuals who may be alone, our client experience is designed to not only be a lifelong relationship, but to build a sense of community to those who might otherwise be alone or isolated.

We are backed by solid resources to always do right by you.

Treece Financial Group is affiliated with Cetera Advisors, one of the premier broker-dealers in the industry. Our affiliation means that we are not held to a sales quota or tied to selling only proprietary products. We have the independence and freedom to recommend the financial solutions that best suit your needs, ensuring your objectives are what drive all decisions, while Cetera Advisor Networks’ network of people and resources help us pursue your unique goals and vision for the future.

Just as we stand behind you to help you pursue your financial dreams, we have teams standing behind us and supporting our business. These firms also strengthen our relationship with you by providing the resources we need to better serve you.