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We offer our clients access to a comprehensive package of financial services including:

  • Asset Allocation - The process of determining which assets you should hold in your portfolio is very unique and personal. Our advisors begin with an understanding of your time horizon and risk tolerance levels when working with you to create an asset allocation that is right for your financial goals.

  • Portfolio Review & Performance Evaluation - By reviewing your portfolio, monitoring your investments and providing you with up-to-date financial advice, our advisors can offer an understanding about the various measures relating to your portfolio performance.

  • Estate & Financial Planning - Today's financial climate is extremely complex. Let our Investment Professionals provide you with the assistance that you will need to navigate the process of planning your financial future.

Social Security Planning

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Bok Financial

Personal Trust Services are available through Bok Financial. Trustee services include making distributions as outlined in the trust document, properly accounting for all assets and transactions in compliance with state law, reviewing and filing all required income tax returns, and implementing the required fiduciary duties.