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Treece Talk: E-News & Videos

March 2019

Treece Talk: Time's Up for Women's Financial Inequality

February 2019

Treece Talk: A fee is a fee is a fee, right? Not all fees are created equal ... 

January 2019

Treece Talk: Volatile Market Update & Government Shutdown Alert

December 2018

Treece Talk: It's time to party with us, but also time to plan

November 2018

Treece Talk: Midterm Elections & The Market

October 2018

Treece Talk: "Fall" Into Financial Fitness with Medicare & Tax Season Seminars

September 2018

Treece Talk: Be prepared for market changes in today's economic and political climate

August 2018

Treece Talk: What the heck is an AIF and why does it matter? 

July 2018

Treece Talks Travel: Please Leave Home Without It 

June 2018

Treece Talk: Leaving A Legacy: The Importance of Estate Planning

May 2018

Treece Talk: Why America’s Return to $1 Trillion Deficits is a Big Problem for You

April 2018

Treece Talk: Check Out Treece's Trending Topics

March 2018

Treece Talk: Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

February 2018

Treece Talk: Raise your DHI (Daily Happiness Index)

January 2018

Treece Talk: New Year—New Investment Issues to Consider

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