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Jim Morrison's Art Illuminates from Miami Beach to Midtown

Drive east on the Julia Tuttle Causeway toward Miami Beach and it’s hard to miss the iconic colorful rings wrapped around the palm trees in the median, like rings of Saturn, and welcoming all who arrive.

The art installation, A Celebration of Light, was created and installed at the Miami Beach gateway entrance 20 years ago by local artist Jim Morrison. More recently replaced by color changing LED lights, it was meant as a temporary installation, but became an instant landmark and now is an iconic entry feature to the City of Miami Beach.

"Being a New England native and having lived my entire adult life in South Florida, I feel that my work is reflective of very diverse influences,” Jim said. “My work involves combining light and natural elements, whether it is wood, metal, stone or glass."

Jim was so moved the first time he saw the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from his childhood home in Maine that he was driven to try and recreate the beauty he saw in those lights. He has been working at creating art out of light ever since.

“I grew up on a farm in a small New England town where there wasn’t a lot of color outside,” Jim said. “That’s when my passion for blending light artistically with nature took hold.”

His career in light and technology took off more than 30 years ago. From his early work in commercial neon, to his current projects working with LED, Jim found a way to link technology with art and design.

In addition to "A Celebration of Light," Jim's other notable projects include "Enlightenment" at Miami Dade College's Medical Campus, and "Onyx," a crown lighting project at ocean's edge in midtown Miami. These installations have reached landmark status as a tribute to a city, school or residential venue.

Whether placed on the side of a building or as a gateway installation, Jim thrives as an artist and designer when he can connect his work to the environment – making a dynamic connection between a community, its architecture and landscape. He has accomplished this by lighting up the Miami skyline through site-specific installations utilizing LED technology and materials that allow the incorporation of color changing light into his work.

When asked if he still gets comments or questions about having the same name as the music legend, his typical response is, “I’m back for the royalties.”

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