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How can I plan a debt-free college education for my child?

My Child Is Going To College, What Do I Do?

Parents want to give their children the best opportunity for success, and getting into the right college may help open doors.

Being accepted to the college of their choice may not be as easy as it once was.

These days, preparing for college means a multi-year focus on setting goals, staying focused, and tackling a few key milestones along the way.

Treece Financial Group is here to help you save money and keep your sanity as you search for the right college for your child. 

We partner with college preparation coaches to educate you on the true price of tuition, living expenses, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid chances.

We also have an extensive referral network of accountants, attorneys, and other trusted professionals to ensure that you and your child have the services needed for every step of the the journey—from initial application to alumnus.

College Savings Planning

We work with many families to create an individualized college savings plan—including Education Savings Accounts (ESA), 529 Plans, Uniform Transfer/Gift to Minors Act (UTMA or UGMA), and other investment options to meet your specific needs.

529 College Savings Plans

Tax-deductible 529 plans offer a flexible approach to saving that can be used for many education costs—from qualified K-12 expenses to higher education tuition and fees, housing, books and supplies. Funds can be used at any qualified educational institution nationwide, public or private.

Roth IRAs for Children

Roth IRAs aren't only for adults! Earnings and withdrawals are tax-free for this type of account, contact us to find out more.

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