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Pay yourself first and put your money to work

One of the keys to a sound financial strategy is spending less than you take in, and then finding a way to put your excess to work. A money management approach involves creating budgets to understand and make decisions about where your money is going. It also involves knowing where you may be able to put your excess cash to work.

Where do I start?

One of the best ways to start is to create a life map. This exercise of visualizing your personal finances, needs, and goals can help you better balance work and leisure, be a guide to help you make smart choices, and provide you a clear path to help attain your goals while enjoying the journey along the way. Here are the key areas to analyze when creating your financial life map …

Cash Flow Analysis

By taking a look at your income stream and how much of it you keep, we can optimize your spending.

Expenses & Budgeting

Based on your spending patterns, we can assist you in maximizing your income by organzing your distribution of income.

Debt Management

By analyzing your debt and how you deal with it, we can identify the most efficient way to reduce it.

Planned Purchases

Rather than impulsive buying, we can reduce unnecessary loss of money by creating a plan for your purchases, 

Emergency Savings

Our tailored strategies will create as much emergency savings as you need for those rainy days.

Mortgage Review

Looking at your housing debt and interest owed, we can improve your mortgage situation.

Lines of Credit

If you’re planning a home project or some unexpected car-maintenance expenses come up, a line of credit could be a way to tackle those or other big costs.

Maximize Your 401(k)

Maximize Your 401(k)

Treece Financial Group offers 401(k) Optimizer® access to our clients.

The 401(k) Optimizer® was designed to assist you in allocating your investment options in your company-sponsored 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plans.  This automated, online tool uses your risk tolerance level, age, and long-term goals to generate personalized recommendations.

In an attempt to optimize returns in your retirement plan, the 401(k) Optimizer® will suggest what investments to buy, when to buy them and when to sell them. It can also suggest when it may be time to make changes to your investment strategy based on market fluctuations.

The 401(k) Optimizer® was made with you, the investor, in mind, and gives you the tools you need to confidently manage your retirement savings plan.

Discover the 5 ways you can benefit from the 401(k) Optimizer® here.

Contact us now to start putting this smart and simple savings tool to work for your future.

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