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Service Achievements

We went to court to obtain a guardianship for a widowed elderly client who was sending money to scammers abroad. This sealed her accounts, prevented further losses, and made sure our client was taken care of and attended to by professionals. This story was the subject of a 3 part Emmy-award winning news report by NBC6 Miami.

We assisted an elderly client who lost $9,000 in an internet scam recover every penny that was lost. This was covered in the news on PBS’s Nightly Business Report.

End of Life Planning
We helped a couple plan for the impending death of the husband including reviewing life insurance, titling of assets and accounts, and planning for the surviving wife and minor child. After the husband did pass away, we assisted with the life insurance claims, retitling and transfer of assets, social security claims planning, college planning, and settlement of debts including the mortgage planning.

Tax problems
We assisted one couple with financial stress and significant tax problems through a referral to one of our highly recommended tax professionals who arranged a payment plan for the couple with the IRS.

Pension planning
We helped one client with a major pension buyout decision including providing for a surviving spouse where the pension had no survivor benefit.

Access to business capital
We have helped several small business people who needed access to capital by setting up individual 401k accounts and assisting them in setting up loans from those accounts.

Specific Investments
We have helped several clients who have contacted us looking for specific investments, and we have been able to research and purchase those investments for those clients.

Eldercare, Health care, Estate Planning
We helped a desperate man whose wife has Alzheimer’s and was wandering the halls of their condo. With one phone call, we had one of our trusted professionals visit the same day, who then arranged for a licensed nurse from an agency to be there that evening.

We helped a surviving son process life insurance and catastrophic illness insurance claims after his mother died. He came into our office with files of papers, and we discovered the policies and assisted until the claims were paid.

We called a trusted professional for one of our clients who needed to liquidate various assets in anticipation of the end of life. The professional, who is licensed and bonded, specializes in estate clearance, and assisted the client in selling an unusual piece of business equipment.

We assisted a client diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) to get his power of attorney and other legal documents completed, and then worked with both the client and his mother (the power of attorney) on fund distributions and planning up to his passing and then in transferring accounts and completing claims.

We assisted an elderly client with a severe housing problem (involving both him and his family members) in procuring an outstanding real estate agent who successfully sold his home and allowed us to resolve his cash flow problems and provide regular income for him.

We assisted one client, through the use of specialized professionals, to make the decision to move to an assisted living facility, select the particular facility, and arrange for the movers who specialize in moving senior citizens into assisted living facilities.

We helped one client who was fighting an insurance company over non-payment of a long term insurance claim by referring him to an attorney who specializes in long term insurance claims.

We helped one family after the parents had moved into an assisted living facility by discovering that their property taxes on two homes had been left unpaid for over a year and that a tax lien certificate had been issued on both properties. The daughter was able to pay the taxes and resolve the delinquency.