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Our Process

We pride ourselves on having a very comfortable investment process. We typically meet with prospective clients two or three times before we make any investment decisions. On a first appointment, we like to get to know you, your goals, time frames, risk tolerance, your personal family situation, and anything else about you that helps us to help you. We may also get copies of existing account statements, tax returns, insurance coverage and so forth.

On a second appointment, we will give you a full analysis and feedback about things you have done well, and maybe things that may need to be looked at further or areas of concern. We use Morningstar, Money Guide Pro, and other investment and financial planning software to give you specific feedback about your portfolio. By the way, you can sign-up for a free portfolio review right on this website. We analyze your holdings, and we can tell you how you’ve done against various benchmarks, show you risk vs. reward, the Morningstar ratings of your mutual funds, and give you other important feedback. This is often an eye-opening experience, and sometimes we even come across some things we may consider a red flag. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to get a second opinion about your accounts. Just click on the button that says “free portfolio review.” Based on your reaction to the feedback we give you, we can make specific recommendations for you. This may include making some changes in your portfolio, using third party money managers, doing income planning, updating beneficiaries, and so forth.