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Next Generation Managed Accounts (XMA)

The Next Generation Managed Accounts (xMA) program provides you with access to investment vehicles designed to provide institutional-quality management that can be tailored to meet your specific investment objectives. xMA gives you access to a broad universe of proven investment managers, many usually exclusive to large institutions, across the spectrum of asset classes.

Program Highlights:

  • Access to an actively managed investment solution
  • More than 70 leading institutional portfolio managers, encompassing more than 100 investment styles
  • Access to money managers who, if engaged independently would require multimillion dollar account minimums
  • Multiple managers for one account
  • Direct ownership of securities
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing
  • All inclusive fee—no ticket charges or custody fees
  • Transparency of holdings
  • Monthly activity statements from custodian of accounts, Pershing LLC, as well as online account viewing
  • Quarterly performance reporting (Minimum account size is $100,000)