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February 2018

Raise your DHI (daily happiness index): RAISE Family Caregivers Act, Social Security Planning, Seminar Series

Creating a Financially Organized Life

January 2018

New Year—New Investment Issues to Consider: Timely updates on the booming economic market, cryptocurrencies, planning for affordable housing and healthcare, and HSAs vs FSAs

December 2017

Dec 10th Annual Holiday Party | Decipher | End-of-Year Financial Reminders | Protecting Credit While Holiday Shopping | Caregiving Issues | New Fed Chair Jerome Powell

November 2017

On-The-Rise-in-2018 | Social-Security-Checks | IRA-Contribution-Limits

July 2017

August Events - Welcome new team members - Treece Financial Group Referrals of the Month - Updates on the markets and risk concerns ... click here to read more

April 2017

The Markets - Retirement Income and Retiree Worries - Treece Financial Group Referral of the Month - Are you on Social Media? ... click here to read more

February 2017

Introducing Robert Wroblewski - The Markets, Economy, and Political Environment - Doctor Locator and Background Information - We're on the Web ... click here to read more

December 2016

Happy Holidays! - Presidential Election - Treece Financial Group Recent Events - Finding a Lost Retirement Plan ... click here to read more

October 2016

Upcoming Events - Social Security Cost of Living Increase for 2017 - Life Income Disclosure Act - Plan Ahead for Long Term Care - Life Alert ... click here to read more

September 2016

Upcoming Financial Planning Seminars - Free and Open to the Public - Save the date: Annual Holiday Party Sunday December 4th, from 4 PM to... - Three Key Choices Couples face about Retirement benefits - A Key medicare?Social security Question Answered - Referral: Andrea Larsen, Licensed Nutritional Consultant ... click here to read more

August 2016

Some Good Economic News - This is the One Key Factor for a Happy Retirement - Student Loans: Cracking Down on Abuses - Digital Assets---Your Online "YOU" ... click here to read more

July 2016

College Planning - Reverse Mortgages - Long-term Care Alternatives, now even for HOV+ people in Florida ... click here to read more

May 2016

Save the date:upcoming Master class on IRA and Social Security Planning - College Planning Workshops - Videos - A favor to ask: please let us know who your CPA is - A tough topic Long-term care insurance (LTC) - Fixed income: Municipal and Corporate bonds - Successful retirees share their financial secrets here to read more

April 2016

Upcoming classes at Brockway Library - Rest of the Year Forecast - Better Business Bureau Travel Scam Alert Targeting Seniors - Media Coverage of Financial Topics - Useful  Financial Websites - Recommendation ... click here to read more

March 2016

Market Commentary - Retirement Income Analysis - Aging and Eldercare Resources - On a fun note... click here to read more

February 2016

Market Commentary - Scam Alert from AARP Regarding Social Security - Useful Websites to Know About - Guide for Boomers in Having Important Conversations with Aging Parents - Social here to read more

January 2016

Workshop: Mastering The Challenges of The New year - Ket Tax Figures for 2016 - Social Security Claiming Strategy Changes for 2016 ... click here to read more

November 2015

A Thanksgiving message from A. Powell Davies - Annual Holiday Party coming up - Life Expectancy Tool - Leaving Money to Heirs - Economic Update here to read more

October 2015

Photos of our IRA Workshops - No change in retirement plan contribution limits for 2016 - How to keep the IRS waiting and make your money last a lifetime - Jim Kramer's famous stock-picking - The Importance of keeping estate documents updated - Economic update... click here to read more

September 2015

Economic Update - IRA Workshops - Hollywood Jaycees event - Fraud Prevention:  Computer repair - AARP Report on “Phone Numbers That Can Cost You" ... click here to read more

August 2015

Upcoming events - Social Security for 2016 - Client story and referral recommendation: SERVPRO - Pet project for pets - Download Treece Financial Group app for Apple or Android devices... click here to read more

July 2015 

Website Update - Current Market Update - IRS Tax Identity Theft for Florida Residents -  Retirement Loopholes that Might Eventually be Closed ...  click here to read more

May 2015

Introducing new staff member Robert Wroblewski - New Website - On a personal note...  click here to read more

April 2015 

Recommendations – Stolen Usernames and Passwords - 10 Steps to Achieve Your Retirement Goals- 5 Ways Couples Can Map Out Their Dream - Retirement Plans Together -Are interest rates finally going to rise? - The Little Black Book of Scams here to read more.

March 2015
Tax Scams - Same-Sex Marriage in Florida - 5 Retirement Planning Items You Should Take Care of Now - Retirement Income: 3 annuity mistakes to avoid here to read more.

January 2015
Cetera 2015 Market Outlook - Annual Holiday Party - Patricia Stauber, LCSW here to read more.

November 2014
A step closer to fixing a serious 401K flaw – Social security taxation : Get out your calculators : Social Security tax rules are a mind-bender – How much longer might you live? Think again here to read more.

September 2014
There’s More to Estate Planning Than Just the Will - Increasingly, Retirees Dump Their Possessions and Hit the Road here to read more.

August 2014
5 ways to reduce Financial Stress in Retirement - How to protect your finances from cyber hackers - Understanding Medicare Enrollment Periods - Emerald Elite Senior Home Care here to read more.

July 2014
Cetera Mid-Year Market Outlook 2014 – FDIC Insurance – Quarterly Tax Payments: Estimating Taxes Within the IRS’ Good Graces – Best Care here to read more.

May 2014
Social Security: “Social Security to resume mailing paper statement to some workers”; “Social Security at 62: Let’s run the numbers” - Finances and the aging brain – Emergency Document Retrieval: “The documents you need, when you need them” – Some referrals. here to read more.

April 2014
Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft: You can protect your credit by freezing it – Institutional Money Managers – Safe Withdrawal Rates for Retirement Accounts : Say Goodbye to the 4% Rule – Veteran’s benefits here to read more.

February 2014
Retirees and The Affordable Care Act ( Obamacare) : Retirees, here is how health care law affects you - How Medicare Covers Alzheimer’s Disease - Wilshire Market Commentary January 2014 – Tax Time Help here to read more.

January 2014
Cetera Financial Group 2014 Market Outlook - American Institute for Economic Research: Auspicious Start to 2014 – Tax Time here to read more.


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