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Alliance Partners

Arthur Palermo

Arthur Palermo, Jr. CPA, P.A. We offer professional accounting services including personal, corporate tax and payroll services, estate planning, and bookkeeping. Serving the South Florida community for over 25 years, Arthur Palermo, Jr. has created a reputation for offering exceptional client services. We will maintain an open company culture that benefits our clients and employees. Our clients will receive only the best professional tax services. Our employees will work in a rewarding environment; where the work is challenging. Our team will always be encouraged to share ideas freely. We want everyone with an interest in our firm to feel they are very much a part of the Arthur Palermo Jr. family. 954-252-9622


DocuBank is the largest and oldest electronic storage and access service for healthcare directives in the nation. DocuBank helps to ensure that your medical wishes are known and respected when it counts. Around the clock, around the world. Healthcare directives are especially important to the LGBT Community. These directives can help ensure that partners are allowed access to your hospital room and can ensure that the people you choose will be able to speak for you in an emergency. 866-362-8226

Integrative Change, Inc.

Integrative Change, Inc. (IC) is dedicated to matching consumers with qualified health and wellness professionals. IC strives to simplify the process of finding these health professionals on-line. IC embraces an integrative approach to the change and healing process, understanding the value of a multi-dimensional approach to achieve optimum results and health.786-201-4543

Jake Miller

Jake Miller brings over 15 years of practice experience to people throughout Miami-Dade County, from downtown North Miami to the Design District and the Upper East Side, concentrating his practice on real estate, estate planning, family law and LGBT issues. In his real estate practice, he works closely with individuals who face potential foreclosure proceedings, assisting with loan modifications, short sales and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure.305-758-2020

Elizabeth F. Schwartz

Elizabeth F. Schwartz is in her 15th year of law practice. Elizabeth is an AV Rated attorney, which is awarded by Martindale-Hubble LexisNexis and identifies a lawyer with high legal ability, expertise, experience, integrity and overall professional experience. Elizabeth's practice emphasizes representation of the LGBT community in family formation (adoption, insemination, surrogacy) and dissolution matters. Her practice has a focus on estate planning and probate matters and she lectures locally and nationally about the importance of gay couples protecting their loved ones through estate planning and contract. 305-674-9222

Patricia Stauber, RN, LCSW

Patty Stauber. As part of our holistic practice, we have developed a team of outstanding professionals even outside of the investment and financial planning fields. One of these professionals is Patti Stauber, a solutions-focused therapist. She has helped many of my clients who have suffered a loss, are grieving, or have had other issues such as depression. We have sponsored workshops together for my clients as well as the general public. She works with a wide variety of people including senior citizens, the LGBT community, and grieving parents. Please visit her website for more information. 305-710-7894

Stephanie L. Schneider, P.A.

Stephanie Schneider is an outstanding Elder Law attorney who has helped many of my clients. She covers estate planning, trusts, LGBT and Domestic Partner planning, Medicaid and Asset Preservation, Veterans Benefits and Eligibility, Guardianship, Probate and Trust Administration and more. 954-382-1997

J. Murphy Executive Services, LLC

Jackie Murphy runs an amazing business that performs a variety of useful services often as part of settling an estate. Jackie can provide a complete photo inventory, valuation, transfer and liquidation of valuables, vetting and scheduling appraisers, shoppers and other vendors, packing and transport to storage facilities, return of rental or lease equipment including medical equipment, final clear out and professional cleaning, and almost anything that needs to be done after someone has passed away. 305-893-0229